Your self care should start with cell care

At CALERIE® we know that human health begins with your cells
Calorie Restriction

Some supplements will try to claim health benefits through weight loss alone, but CALERIE® focuses on restoring energy production at the cellular level.

sources ingredients from across the globe to create NAD+ and NMN supplements that support healthy weight management and work to increase lifespan.
Feature Benefits
  • Exercise & Fasting Mimetic
  • Natural Appetite Suppressant
  • Senolytic & Longevity Compound
  • NAD & Sirtuin Complex
  • Cannabimimetic
  • Brain Reward
  • Bliss Molecule

is the perfect addition to your longevity diet. We care for your cells, so you can focus on living a longer, healthier life.

CALERIE® Journal
We care for your cells, so you can focus on living a longer, healthier life.
Supplements That Mimic Calorie Restriction

When you’re trying to achieve healthier weight management, calorie restriction is often the best way to get your weight under control. After all, it’s easy to overeat when there are plenty of delicious food options around you, some of which might contain higher calorie counts than you would initially think. In fact, a single slice […]

Why CALERIE® should be your go-to Anti-Aging Supplement

As we get older, the presence of NAD+ molecules reduces, making our DNA less capable of repairing itself. But at CALERIE®, we have observed these biological mechanisms that occur within our molecules and the role they play in aging.


Healthier Cells for a Happier Life: A weight management and anti-aging supplement with NAD+ for balanced cellular health and increased longevity.

"I take the capsules before all of my resistance workouts and feel an immediate boost in energy. CALERIE® helps me get through my workouts, even during fasting periods when I'm on an empty stomach. It seems to repair my muscle tissue faster and helps stimulate muscle growth too."
Ali M, 37
"I've always struggled to lose weight, but when I turned 30, I had a serious intervention with my health. I committed to fast more and balance my metabolism. These capsules help me curb sugar cravings as I reduce my calories, and they keep me energized during intermittent fasting."
Tamara E, 32
"I added Life Span supplements to my daily supplement intake last year. Now during my intermittent fasting, I feel a significant increase in my energy levels and major decrease in sluggishness."
Patrick M, 28
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