RSVP Guidelines

All trip winners need to RSVP online by logging into the BP back office. Please make sure to RSVP before the specified deadline (the deadline applies not only to RSVP but also to any application to bring guests or transfer qualifications); otherwise, space is not guaranteed. Please note: if you show up on-site without an RSVP or show up with guests that have not been previously approved or RSVP’d for, it is not guaranteed that we will provide services such as hotel accommodation or airport transportation. If we are able to provide you with these services, charges will be levied according to the stipulations set forth in the Travel Policy.


CalerieLife™ will organize the daily activities for all attendees, while also allocating some free time for you to Explore, Connect, and to get Inspired. All attendees are expected to adhere to the itinerary. Details of these activities will be disclosed in the itinerary.

Airport Transportation

When possible, ground transportation services between the airport and the hotel will be provided upon official arrival and departure days of the trip. This service is only available to and from the main airport at the destination. Anyone arriving prior to or staying beyond the official trip dates will be responsible for their own transportation. For better ground transportation arrangements, accurate flight information must be submitted to CalerieLife™ via RSVP, email ( or intercom before the specified deadline. Please note that the transportation service may vary depending on the destination and is not guaranteed.


All trip winners will be accommodated with a standard double room. Those who earned 2 travel qualifications will be provided with a double occupancy room and are able to room with their chosen guest. Those who earned 1 travel qualification will be provided one bed in a double room and can choose another trip earner with whom they would like to share the room, if both of them submit the request before the RSVP deadline. If no rooming application is submitted before the deadline, the company will assign another participant of the same gender as a roommate.

Hotel Additional Charges

If any extra costs occur during the stay (such as room service, property damage, violation of smoking rules, etc.), and the charges are added to the master account, CalerieLife™ will deduct the amount from the e-wallet of the BP account associated with the participant.


We will provide most meals during the trip, but there may be exceptions which will be noted in the itinerary. Meals not included will need to be paid for separately. We recommend that you have some cash or other payment options on hand. If you require vegetarian accommodations, please notify us via RSVP or intercom before the specified deadline.

Travel Qualification Transfer

Under certain conditions, you can transfer your travel qualification to another Brand Partner. Qualification transfers must be submitted to the company before the corresponding deadline. Please note, not all applications for transfer of travel qualifications will be approved. After submitting the application, please wait patiently for a reply. The transfer fee is $300, payable promptly via health fund or credit card after the application is approved.

Cancellation and No-show Fees

Any cancellation must be submitted to CalerieLife™ no later than 30 days prior to the official start date of the trip. Anyone who cancels after this date or does not show up without a cancellation application after RSVP, will have $2,500 deducted from the e-wallet of their travel qualification holder account. Should the account balance be insufficient, subsequent commissions/bonuses will be progressively applied towards the outstanding amount until it is fully reconciled.

On-Site Changes

We require all changes to be submitted and approved 30 days prior to the official start date of the trip. If changes are requested after this date or on-site, the following fees will be charged:

  1. Change of roommates: $100 USD
    Exchange of roommates with another room.
  2. Transfer of travel qualification: $500 USD
    On-site transfer of travel qualification to other participants (no additional room requirement).
  3. Extra guest addition: fees vary depending on the specific travel destination
    On-site addition of any guest (including children) that is not already on the RSVP list in the same room will be charged according to the specific travel itinerary. If an additional room is required (based on room availability), an additional room charge will be incurred.

*The fees listed do not guarantee availability or on-site approval. All listed fees are non-refundable. Approval of any on-site changes will be contingent upon the unique circumstances.

Responsibilities of Brand Partners

From the day of achieving the travel qualification to the end of the trip, Brand Partners must always maintain an Active account status, and not be involved in any unresolved compliance or legal issues. If a Brand Partner's travel qualification is cancelled due to failure to meet the above requirements or violation of rules, they will no longer receive any rights and rewards related to the trip (including those who RSVP but do not show up).

Participants (non-US residents) are responsible for making sure they have a passport valid for more than 6 months after the trip end date, and if necessary, a visa, proof of immunization and/or any other documents required to enter any country or countries.

Extra Guest Purchasing

When space is available, CalerieLife™ allows trip earners two additional guests, such as family members or spouses. Extra guest purchasing applications must be submitted to and payment must be completed before the RSVP deadline. If the application is approved, the guest will be responsible for all travel expenses throughout the trip. Costs may vary depending on the travel destination. Guests can be CalerieLife™ Brand Partners or non-Brand Partners. However, if the trip earner bringing a guest cannot attend, the guest cannot attend either. Trip earners will be allowed to bring guests in the following priority, pending space availability:

  1. Total travel points earned
  2. Highest rank achieved

Use of Photos and Videos

CalerieLife™ may take photos and videos of the activities throughout the trip. These photos and videos may include participants' portraits, voices, and speeches. CalerieLife™ reserves the right to use these photos and videos without prior notice. This may include but is not limited to use in the company's promotional materials, social media, public relations activities, press releases, and other official or unofficial publications. All participants agree and understand that their portraits, voices, and speeches may be captured and used for the company's marketing and promotional purposes, and hereby grant CalerieLife™ an irrevocable, worldwide, free, and permanent permission to use these photos and videos.

These policies are subject to change without notice.