What role does NAD+ play in aging?
As the research around nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide continues to expand, we can harness healthy doses to produce tangible benefits to your daily cellular function right now. This is the power CALERIE® can provide to your longevity diet.
CALERIE® Key Intakes:
  • NAD+ is a natural enzyme that occurs in our cells during many of our biological processes. Because NAD+ production decreases as we age, mimicking NAD+ production through a supplement can have a powerful effect on restoring our cellular health.
  • NAD+ supplements work best alongside a longevity diet packed with necessary vitamins and nutrients. The science of NAD+ has shown that adding NAD+ supplements to a longevity diet can decrease outward and internal signs of aging.
Did you know?
A vitamin is an organic molecule (or related set of molecules) that is an essential micronutrient that an organism needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of its metabolism.

As we age, our bodies NAD production decreases because our cells lose the ability to repair themselves. Recent studies have suggested that increasing NAD levels after natural decline of NAD is one of the best anti-aging treatments. NAD boosters paired with multivitamins and proper nutrients can slow the aging process and may reduce the risk of metabolic conditions. Other dietary supplements do not consider how our cellular metabolism and mitochondria health are the foundation of our energy production processes. NAD are essential enzymes to our cellular systems, and NAD boosters can be a powerful preventative in combating the aging process.

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