A plant superpower packed with antioxidant properties and anti-aging health benefits
Beneficial Effects
Cardioprotective properties
May prevent obesity
Increases longevity and endurance
Reduces oxidative stress
Improves insulin sensitivity
Anti-cancer properties
A natural compound belonging to the polyphenols group that performs like an antioxidant
Found in
Grapes, Blueberries, Cranberries, Peanuts, Cocoa, and Red Wine
Cardioprotective effects
Supports heart health
Healthy gut microbiome
May reduce hypertension
Promotes healthy arteries
Anti-inflammatory reponse
Resveratrol polyphenols have been detected in the molecules of more than 70 plant species

In plants, the resveratrol polyphenol compound prevents bacterial and fungal infection and heals injury. When isolated into supplements, the antioxidant properties of resveratrol provide a protective effect to the artery walls and act as a therapeutic agent to mitochondrial dysfunction in human molecules.

An increased amount of resveratrol can help with metabolic disorders like diabetes mellitus. Found primarily in berries and grape skins, an appropriate dose of resveratrol can have transformative impact on cell survival, and clinical studies have shown its ability to expand lifespan in older adults

In animal studies and clinical trials, the effects of resveratrol ranged from insulin resistance, increased metabolism, and lowered cholesterol. In healthy people, supplements with resveratrol can reduce inflammation and may prevent metabolic issues.

Resveratrol is being harnessed for its potential therapeutic properties

Resveratrol is being used in U.S. clinical trials because of its potential health benefits in the prevention and treatment of several types of conditions. Resveratrol’s anticancer properties inhibit multiple carcinogenesis stages. Its other bioactive effects, namely as an anti-inflammatory, have been incorporated into treatments because of their success in promoting optimal health without adverse effects.

Paired with NAD+ precursor enzymes, resveratrol supplements can increase lifespan

A daily dose of NAD+ capsules like LIFE SPAN instigate sirtuin activators and enzymes that harness resveratrol and have immense capabilities to slow the aging process. We include resveratrol in our supplements because of human studies that have shown its protective properties for skin, heart health, blood pressure support, and longevity.

Revive your heart health with Resveratrol
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