Who told you about CalerieHealth™ ?
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Who told you about CalerieHealth™ ?
Not sure what this means? Send an email with the subject line "Referral Code" to info@calerie.com

CalerieHealth™ Alpha Hope

We need oxygen to live, while we need hydrogen to live even better. Designed with Micro-Nano Bubble Technology, CalerieHealth™ Alpha Hope is your ultimate way of supplementing hydrogen needs. Alpha Hope has been formulated with two powerful active ingredients, PQQ and Molecular Hydrogen. They work synergistically to activate metabolic pathways involved in energy production and cognition. This is particularly formulated to promote the body's natural detox process and help the body naturally produce Hope Molecules, also known as PGC-1α, that fight oxidative damage.*

Together, H2 and PQQ work synergistically to promote the production of Hope Molecules (PGC-1α), which play a central role in cellular energy, lipid metabolism, and the stimulation of mitochondrial biosynthesis.*

  • Key Ingredients: BioPQQ® Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ), Magnesium

    Other Ingredients: Malic Acid, Dextrose, Adipic Acid, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Blackberry Leaf Extract.

    Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up-to-date list of ingredients.
  • Directions

    Drop one (1) tablet in 8 oz. of water. Wait for tablet to fully dissolve and drink. Take 2 tablets per day for adults.
    Do Not Swallow Tablet.

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    Micro-Nano Bubble Technology is an important aspect of CalerieHealth™’s manufacturing processes, in order to deliver hydrogen water with the best quality and stability to our consumers. Here’s how Micro-Nano Bubble Technology works and why it’s such an essential piece to the CalerieHealth™ line of products.

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    Our state-of-art Micro-Nano Bubble Technology optimizes hydrogen content produced and encourages optimal stability, including that of the stronger bubble structure as well as the longer duration of hydrogen presence in water. These two key features allow each bottle of CalerieHealth™ hydrogen water to trap more than 70% of hydrogen gas produced, ensuring hydrogen gas won’t run away.

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    What Are Micro-Nano Bubbles?

    As the name suggests, micro-nano bubbles are incredibly tiny bubbles, approximately 70-120 nanometers in size. For comparison, micro-nano bubbles are around 2500 times smaller than a single grain of table salt you might use when cooking.

    Micro-nano bubbles may be too small to see with the naked eye, but they are stable and efficient in their purpose. They have a strong negative surface charge, which provides several of their benefits. Additionally, micro-nano bubbles are neutrally buoyant and can stay stabilized in water for weeks without rising to the surface.*


    Benefits of Micro-Nano Bubble Technology

    Micro-Nano Bubble Technology is a critical aspect of producing CalerieHealth™ hydrogen water, providing proven benefits for the consumer. Compared to other technologies commonly used, this technology allows for a much higher hydrogen saturation to be achieved in the end product.

    It also encourages optimal stability, including that of the bubble structure as well as the duration of hydrogen presence when the magnesium tablet reacts with water. This helps to ensure a high hydrogen content in CalerieHealth™ hydrogen water, which in turn offers you the most benefits.*


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    Highly Efficient Gas Transfer

    Micro-Nano Bubble Technology offers a highly efficient gas transfer. Compared to conventional technologies, Micro-Nano Bubble Technology achieves a significantly more efficient hydrogen transfer in water. This means that hydrogen levels increase dramatically in the water while using far less hydrogen compared to conventional methods.*

  • Featured Ingredients

    The most researched, trusted, and tested nootropic ingredient to help improve cognitive function and memory.

    PQQ is a powerful antioxidant involved in numerous cellular processes. It’s often involved in a number of cellular processes that improve the function of existing mitochondria and promote the regeneration of new mitochondria. PQQ is also classified as a nootropic, which enhances brain functions like memory, mental focus, motivation, and creativity. Read More

    CalerieHealth chose BioPQQ® to ensure the best efficacy of Alpha Hope’s formulation. BioPQQ® is registered on the European Union’s Approved List of Novel Foods. Moreover, it has GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status with the certification from Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport quality assurance programs.
    Molecular Hydrogen (H2)
    The smallest molecule that supports the body’s natural detoxification system.

    Molecular hydrogen (H2) has been the subject of hundreds of studies. Researchers have been examining how hydrogen works in the body and its potential benefits for human health for many years. Among all the benefits of hydrogen, promoting the body’s natural detoxification system is the major goal of supplementing hydrogen.

  • Experience CalerieHealth™ Alpha Hope

    Simply drop an Alpha Hope tablet into 8oz. (236ml) of room-temperature water. The magnesium will naturally dissolve and react with water, becoming hydrogen-rich water.

    This is a unique and emerging example of how easily molecular hydrogen can be utilized to target your health as part of your everyday routine.