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Position Summary:

CalerieHealth LLC is seeking a Research Scientist for our Product Research and Development Program.This program delivers high quality learning and evidence-based advises for R&D,International Product Compliance, Marketing and Sales departments to improve our product development. Research Scientists support the product research and development program through primary and secondary research and evaluation activities that help monitor the efficacy and compliance of our products and help elevate the role of CalerieHealth in wellness innovation or the broader professional nutrition improvement. 

Note: This is an on-site position.


  • Serves as an embedded Research Scientist for the Product Research and Development Program conducting primary and secondary research that help the multiple departments design new product and elevate CalerieHelath’s role as are cognized brand on nutrition and wellness.  
  • Maintain awareness of new and emergent research on the trending scientific topics in nutrition, food science, chemistry, and biology fields,and serve as a conduit for this research to cross-functional collaboration with other essential departments.
  • Execute and help manage the product launch.  
  • Support R&D, QA and local formulation consultants in learning how to support implementation of product exporting by researching and editing product information.
  • Manage a portfolio of research projects to support the ProductResearch and Development Program in evaluating the efficacy, dosage of new ingredients,and other innovative approaches to optimize product formulation
  • Perform other duties as assigned to ensure the success of the ProductResearch and Development Program and the entire organization

Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong written and verbal English skills sufficient to communicate and present effectively on research and evaluation topics and findings to other researchers, and internal staff.
  • Systemic thinker and problem solver with ability to identify barriers to success and propose solutions.
  • Appropriate application of multiple methods of qualitative research.
  • Strong collaboration ability to work cross-functionally with all other departments.
  • Strong self-learning ability to analyze problems in process and operations, identify root causes, and suggest solutions to mitigate and/or resolve the issues
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail and quality.
  • Ability to work both independently and as a contributing, collaborative team member
  • Strong situational adaptability to adapt approach and demeanor in real time to match the shifting demands of different situations
  • Bilingual: English & Mandarin (preferred but not required)

Skills and Abilities:

  • PhD/MS/BS in Chemistry, Biology, Nutrition, and Food Science fields.
  • Professional experience (lab & research experience in related fields) is preferred.