Like its plant-based companions, Fisetin can reduce oxidative stress, lower blood pressure, and restore skeletal muscle and glucose metabolism.
Health Benefits:
Promotes cognitive function
Healthy inflammation response
Relieves oxidative stress
Flavonol antioxidant
Support for healthy aging
Like its plant-based companions, Fisetin may reduce oxidative stress, promotes cardiovascular function, and helps restore skeletal muscle and energy metabolism
Found in
Strawberries, apples persimmons, onions, and cucumbers
Cognitive Benefits:
Promotes executive function
May improve brain health
Helps fight memory loss
Like its plant-based companions, fisetin has an important role in the prevention of chronic conditions..

Fisetin is commonly found in many fruits and vegetables and is a plant compound with exciting preventive and therapeutic potential. Biological studies across the world have shown fisetin’s potential to promote overall health.

In laboratory studies, fisetin has played an important role in helping to maintain senescent cells. Cellular senescence is a natural tumor suppressor and is activated in stressed cells to prevent damaged DNA from replicating. The anti-inflammatory properties of fisetin have shown to help maintain this natural process, allowing the plant compound to operate as a powerful longevity agent.

The potential of fisetin to reduce age-related decline of brain function has been seen in multiple human trials.

From traditional medicine to clinical trials, fisetin supplements and treatments have shown significant potential in preserving brain health throughout the aging process. Compounds of plant origin like fisetin have yielded promising data as potential therapeutic alternatives against deadly, age-related cognitive decline.

Diet-derived antioxidants like fisetin are being increasingly investigated in human and animal studies for their health-promoting effects. These natural antioxidants found in fruits like strawberries can have long-term benefits to health and can been consumed with abundance without adverse side effects.

Fisetin can help increase NAD+ levels to better protect the natural restoration processes of human cells.

Fisetin is a flavanol, which has the ability to oxidize NADH in a variety of cells. Harnessed in the power of a NMN supplement, fisetin plays a central role in slowing the aging process and improving overall cellular health.

The natural senolytic agent your longevity diet needs.
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